Pack Your Everyday Purse – An Ultimate Guide

Packing your everyday purse can be a real challenge. Sometimes you need to grab it and go, but the wrong items will weigh you down all day long. You don’t need to pack your entire makeup drawer when you’re planning on going out. You can use these simple tips to get out of the house in no time!

Pack your Everyday Purse
Pack your Everyday Purse

Don’t Add Essentials

Keep your essentials in a pocket, like your phone and wallet. That way, you can always find what you need without digging through the bottom of your purse!

Make sure to separate wet or dirty items from clean ones so they don’t mix, making for more work when it comes time to clean them both.

Keep It Organized

Don’t forget about small pockets within larger bags, such as coin pouches inside more oversized handbags. Use these areas to keep track of smaller objects like earrings and rings while keeping everything organized.

Keep Things Separate

Try not to shove too many things into one place. Otherwise, you might end up with an unsightly bulge somewhere along the way. Of course, this doesn’t apply when dealing with more structured purses or bags.

Have Dry Shampoo

Carry around some dry shampoo if you are on the go and need to spruce yourself up before going out at night since most products take longer than 30 minutes to sink in which means no touch-ups than entirely! The best part about dry shampoo is that it doesn’t leave any residue on your hair, so you can spray away without having to worry. You can save on dry shampoo through coupons.

Check Out Different Kinds

Try out a few different kinds before settling with one because this way, you will know for sure if it works well with your skin type or not. Also, check out their solid perfumes, which might be helpful instead of wasting space by carrying around loads of liquids 

Have A Document Pouch

Next, purchase a document pouch with a zip closure. It will be perfect for your ID card, debit/credit cards, license, and even eTickets if you think of it! When packing this essential item into your purse, keep in mind that the bigger these items are, the more difficult they will be to find when needed. Check for deals on document pouches for savings.

Therefore we suggest putting them on opposite sides of the bag from each other so that you can easily reach one without touching another. Also, be mindful of how many pockets there are when buying your pouch. If the bags are too deep, it will be more difficult to retrieve your items.

Pack Tissues

Toss in a few tissues and stick them somewhere inconspicuous so that if you need them, they’ll be available, but if not, no one would have known they were there anyway. Of course, small boxes come in handy for this purpose as well!

Pack Well
Pack Well

Pack In Cubes

Keep your everyday purse essentials in one or two small, flat packing cubes so you can find what you need quickly. Use soft pouches to separate wet items like makeup from dry ones. 

Put fun things at the bottom, practical stuff on top, just like putting your clothes away in your wardrobe! You’ll always want to start with the fun stuff. 

Other Tips To Follow

  • Pack essentials like sunscreen, lip balm, and tissues. Check for discounts on sunscreen for savings.
  • Invest in a cute handbag that will help keep all of your items organized while also making them easily accessible. Check for offers on a handbag for savings.
  • Keep everything together by throwing it into one big purse instead of distributing them throughout several bags or pockets. 
  • Invest in a small portable charger to keep your phone charged up throughout the day, especially if you must have access to your mobile device at all times.

Summing Up

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, especially when trying to fit everything in your carry-on. It’s even more challenging when you have to fill for two, and there is only one suitcase and one purse! Be sure to follow our tips that will help make packing easier. You can also check for tips to pack for a desert hike for further help.