Painting A Brick Fireplace – Ultimate Guide To Follow

Brick fireplaces are a great way to add character to your living space. The only problem is that they can get pretty dirty over time, and nobody likes cleaning them! So instead of letting your fireplace go neglected, why not take some time out of your day to freshen things up? Painting a brick fireplace is an easy task with just the right amount of difficulty. All you need is some paint and patience—and this blog post will walk you through it step-by-step!

Painting Brick Fireplace
Painting Brick Fireplace

An overall glimpse can be:

  • Clean the brick surface by removing all dust and debris from the cracks in between bricks. 
  • Prime the surface of the bricks with an oil-based primer that will help seal them against moisture. 
  • Apply at least two coats of exterior grade latex paint after letting each coat dry thoroughly.

But there is a lot more to consider, and you need to be vigilant about minor details to ensure the best results.

Choose The Best Accessories

If you’ve been considering a fresh new look for your fireplace, then painting it is the way to go. Of course, before starting any project like this, make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies on hand. You will need a quality paintbrush and enough time set aside to complete the job correctly. 

If your brick fireplace is in good shape other than needing some paint, we recommend using high-quality acrylic latex paint for best results! You can easily save on acrylic latex paint through coupons.

Prepare For Paint

The first step to painting a brick fireplace is preparation. Gather the necessary materials, such as: 

  • Paint (or other desired paint mixture)
  • Large drop cloths or old sheets cover any furniture and flooring that you don’t want painted white like your walls. This will also help with cleaning up! 
  • You’ll also need some ladder if needed to reach high enough on the wall. Make sure it’s sturdy before climbing up! You can check for discounts on ladders if you don’t have one.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have plenty of time set aside for this project so that everything can dry properly before putting anything back into place.

Choose Compatible Paint

The type of paint you choose should be compatible with the materials used outside your house. For example, if your exterior siding has wood finish content, then a water-based latex paint would not work correctly as it does not adhere very well to those surfaces. Also, make sure that no other preparations need to happen, such as sanding down rough edges or filling deep cracks.

  • The paint should be dense enough not to drip off bricks or peel up when it gets wet and tough enough to resist scratches from metal tools like wire brushes. 
  • Some paints are formulated specifically for fireplaces because they contain tiny glass particles as an added protection against sparks. 
  • Others have additives designed to keep the color accurate after years of abuse. 
  • You’ll also need a good quality water-based primer if you’re planning on using latex topcoats; oil-based products can’t do it well.
  • You can also check for water-based primer coupons for saving purposes.
Paint Your Fireplace Well
Paint Your Fireplace Well

Paint Well

The next step is the most exciting part is painting. Follow these steps below in order of importance. 

  • Paint any sections of brick you may not want exposed white like your walls first with either a coat of primer or just plain old black paint, depending upon what’s available. 
  • This will protect those parts from getting too much wear and tear over time. 
  • It also helps show where exactly it needs to be painted so that way nobody misses anything important. 
  • If there are certain areas where they don’t need protection at all because they won’t see as much contact with furniture legs, etc.

Summing Up

Painting a brick fireplace is such an easy DIY project! All you need is some paint and the right tools to get the job done. If you want to make it shine through, try painting your bricks in different colors so that it matches your decor. Also, check for mantel décor ideas for further enhancement. When you’re finished painting your brick fireplace, don’t forget to take a photo! You’ll want to remember all the hard work and time that went into this project.