Quartz Vs. Laminate Countertops: Which Is Better?

Quartz and laminate countertops are two options for a kitchen or bathroom. They both offer different benefits, but which one is the best option? In this blog post, we will go over the differences and similarities between them to help you decide what’s suitable for your home.

Quartz vs Laminate Countertops
Quartz vs. Laminate Countertops

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz countertops are made of a blend of silica and minerals. They’re durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, making them hygienic for cooking purposes. Quartz is nonporous, so it doesn’t absorb liquids or stains as quickly as other materials, making it easier to maintain than natural stones like granite. 

  • They do not require sealing but can be sealed if desired, although they will hold up fine without the sealer applied. Check for discounts on quartz countertops for savings.
  • Since quartz comes in many different colors, there’s no need to worry about matching your particular décor because these counters come in just about any color you’d want! 
  • The only downside here would be that since quartz does come in such a variety of colors, prices may vary depending on the color you choose.

Laminate Countertops 

Laminate countertops are made of a plastic material that is exceptionally durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. The laminated surface can withstand water damage very well, but it should be noted that these counters cannot support high heat. So, they’re not suitable for cooking purposes. These surfaces require sealing, which adds an extra step to the installation process. 

  • Also, it prolongs its life by protecting against staining or other liquids being absorbed into the material over time. 
  • Since this type of counter does come sealed no need for concern about matching your décor because there’s only one option available!
  • As far as cost goes, prices vary depending on size since these countertops are sold by the sheet rather than a completed countertop. Check for promo codes on laminate countertops for savings.

Is Laminate Plastic?

Laminate is not just plastic. It’s created by bonding the surface of artificial material to the top of a plywood or fiberboard base.

Laminate is usually created by combining synthetic materials, such as plastics, vinyl, and resins. These layers adhere to both sides of an engineered wood substrate with heavy-duty adhesive. The finished product looks made of solid wood but has much more resilience, making it resistant to water damage, scratches, or stains.

1. Comparing Appearances

Laminate countertops are made from a soft, synthetic material covered with an image of stone or wood. They mimic the look of natural materials at a lower price point, making them attractive for many homeowners looking to make their homes appear more elegant without sacrificing much in terms of budget. 

On the other hand, quartz has similar properties but uses natural stone as its base. It is manufactured using quartz crystals instead of artificial compounds, making it stronger than laminate counters. It also looks very realistic due to being based upon one of the most common minerals found in nature’s crust.

2. Colors

Quartz comes in a variety of color options, although not as many as laminate. Quartz countertops are more expensive than laminate and require some special care to keep them looking nice. Laminate is easy-to-clean and available in an extensive range of colors and patterns, but it can be easily damaged by heat or moisture. 

3. Cost 

The price range for laminated counters varies depending on the brand, company selling them, thicknesses selected, etc. So, it’s impossible to give an accurate figure without knowing all those details. It has been suggested by industry experts, though, that prices may run approximately $60-$120/SF installed. You can check for deals on countertops for savings.

Choose the best
Choose the best

4. Durability

Laminate countertops are not as durable as engineered stone such as marble, limestone, travertine, etc. But they have better durability than natural stones like marble and granite. Quartz counters will provide the best durability over time with their high tolerance to heat and scratching compared to laminated surfaces. 

Summing Up

There are many countertop materials to choose from these days. It can be hard to know which is best for you with all of the different kinds of countertops on the market. Quartz and Laminate are two types that are often compared because of their functionalities. Be sure to follow our guide to make an informed decision. You can also check for popular countertop materials for further help.