Skateboarding Tips For Beginners – Useful Hacks And Tricks

Skateboarding can be an exciting hobby if done correctly. In the beginning, it might take time to learn correctly. You might fall several times. But, once you’ve got stability, you can enjoy exciting tricks with your board. It’s recommended not to try tricks in the beginning. Instead, learn appropriately about the basics.

Skateboarding - An Exciting Hobby
Skateboarding – An Exciting Hobby

7 Best Skateboarding Tips For Beginners

While starting out, pushing and stopping with stability is essential. If you’re not an avid skater, these skateboarding tips for beginners will help you out.

Choose Your Board Wisely

First of all, you need to make sure that your skateboard is following your expertness. For beginners, the skateboard parts requirements should be:

  • The size of your skateboard should be according to your shoe size. Try one or two inches less than the shoe size. For instance, if the shoe size is 8.5, try a 7-inch skateboard.
  • In the beginning, don’t go for higher size wheels. Try to get ones of 55mm or around this range.
  • Make sure that the trucks are made from aluminum or iron. Don’t settle for plastic.
  • Ensure the presence of grip tape.
  • Go with ABEC-7 or fewer value skateboard bearings in the beginning. A high number will cause the skate to roll faster. Hence, increasing the chance of accidents for beginners. 

Make sure that the parts of the skateboard are appropriate concerning your level.

Choose An Appropriate Board
Choose An Appropriate Board

Try To Stabilize On Board

After choosing an appropriate board, you need to understand stability. First of all, try to stand on it correctly. Use a rough surface in this regard where speed is low due to friction. Place your one foot over the skateboard, the other on the ground, and try to lean forward.

With concentration, put both your feet on board for a second, and move ahead. Try to get stability by placing your one foot on the ground frequently. Increase the intervals of pushing. Practice a lot, and you’ll learn about moving forward without falling. 

Practice About Turning

Once you’ve got a little stability in straight drive, start practicing the turning. Learn to position your ankle according to the direction you want to turn. Also, don’t rush. Focus on your feet and try to turn safely without falling. 

Make sure not to practice it on a ramp or highly slippery surface. Try that the ground is smooth without putting much pressure on the foot.

Choose The Best Skating Shoes

For ensuring the best rolling experience, try to get specialized skating shoes. You can also try to use Skechers shoes with effective saving in this regard. The regular flip-flop and boots increase the chance of falling and hurting.

For skating, shoes are specialized to provide you a grip between your feet and skateboard. It will provide a sense of stability with additional protection and support to your feet. Make sure you wear them while going out skating.

Choose Appropriate Shoes
Choose Appropriate Shoes

Take Help From Other Skaters

If you’re not getting stabilized or learning the basics, do take help from avid skaters and YouTube. You’ll get a step-by-step method about foot placement and moving ahead. The trainers in this field are also meant for ensuring your practice.

You can also analyze the way of expert skaters and ask for advice. They’ll surely tell you where you’re lacking and will ask you to improve. But make sure not to get ready for completion or a race. First, learn then and adequately step further.  

Find An Appropriate Skating Place

An appropriate skating place can be a ramp or ground. In the beginning, the ramp is not recommended because it’s too smooth for you. Also, seeing avid skaters might put you in shame. Instead, practice on a ground with a little bit of resistance that allows you to be stable.

Wear A Helmet

While practicing, don’t forget to wear a skateboard helmet. You can also go for elbow protection and knee pads. They’ll help you in preventing injury if you fall. Being a beginner, you need these accessories more.

In skateboard learning, the chance of falling is high. These protective gears will protect and support you.

Wrapping Up

That was all about skateboarding tips and tricks for beginners. Just stay vigilant and focused on attaining stability. Also, choose the best skateboard and protective gear to help you roll out the way you like.