Spot Fake Ugg Boots – Tips For Spotting A Counterfeit Pair

If you are in the market for a new pair of Ugg boots, it is essential to spot fake ones. There are many tips to spot fake Ugg boots. You must learn how to identify a real pair of boots from the fakes so you don’t waste your money on expensive replicas, and more importantly, stay warm and stylish throughout this winter. Here we have listed some helpful hints:

Spotting A Counterfeit Pair
Spotting A Counterfeit Pair

Check For Stitched Tags

Fake Ugg boots usually have stitched tags and labels with misaligned letters and crooked stitching (but this is not always true). Also, check for spelling mistakes such as “UGG Australia” or “Ug” instead of “Ugg.” These errors are common in low-quality counterfeits that mainly originate from China and other Asian countries. You can check for deals on boots for savings.

Check The Smell

Genuine Australian uppers will never smell like plastic. There should only ever be a faint sheepskin smell to them if you sniff hard enough! If they smell strongly of chemicals, it’s probably because they’re fake, so avoid them.

Analyze Angles

When you bend the boot or move your foot, make sure it does not crease at odd angles (fake pairs often do). Also, watch out for Ugg boots with strange seams and stitching around the toe area, which is a sign of fakes.

Check The Spellings

The inside label will usually have misspelling errors on fakes, so check to see if any spelling mistakes look like they’ve been made by an automated machine rather than a person. It is another common mistake in Chinese counterfeits! Fakers rarely proofread their work before selling them online, so be extra careful when buying from unknown sites.

Look For Logo

The Ugg Australia logo is embossed into the leather on a genuine pair, but it will be made from metallic thread instead of being worn with nylon thread, as some fakes are known for doing so! Fake pairs often have stitched tags and labels with misaligned letters, which can only come off as sloppy artistry by someone who doesn’t care about quality control at all! A genuine Australian upper smells faintly of sheepskin when you sniff hard enough.

Analyze The Feel

Real pairs have been hand-crafted and custom-made for each foot. Cheap replicas aren’t crafted to fit the shape of your feet, so they will never feel good enough on you.

Fake models might be faulty in some way, such as a loose stitch, or they might have been painted on. To avoid this, you need to be extremely careful when buying them online.

Check the Feel
Check the Feel

Check For Dust Bags

Fake pairs will never come with dust bags and authenticity tags. It is because the manufacturers want to make money out of your pocket by selling fake boots under labels such as UGG Australia! So if there are no tags, don’t buy them!

You can save on dust bags through coupons. Real pairs will fit tightly and securely on your feet, whereas fakes might be loose or flimsy. If you find that the boots are not tight, then they won’t last very long.

Other Signs To Check

  • Please do not buy from online stores that offer them at a below-market price. It is usually because they are selling fakes, and you will get ripped off.
  • The soles of a genuine pair will weigh them, not flimsy and hollow as the fakes do. They should also show no sign of a prominent joint or weld mark between sole plates.
  • An actual Ugg Australia boot has the brand’s logo embossed into the leather of the upper. The logo should also be made from a metallic thread, not simply sewn on as some fakes do.
  • Ugg boots should weigh them, not be flimsy and hollow like the fakes do. They should also show no sign of a prominent joint or weld mark between sole plates.

Summing Up

In conclusion, you should always inspect the quality of your Uggs before purchasing them. Make sure to check for crooked seams and mismatched stitching, among other things. Also, make sure to read the return policy and look for reviews. If anything looks suspicious, don’t buy it! There are plenty of counterfeit pairs out there that will fall apart or cause your feet to itch like crazy. You can also check for tips to choose comfortable shoes for further help.