Steamer Cleaning Guide – All You Need To Know

Cleaning a steamer is not as easy as it seems, but with the proper steps and products, you can get your machine back to its original state in no time. In this blog post, we will go over all the necessary steps to properly clean your steam cleaner! Also, you can check for coupons on steam cleaner for saving purposes.

Cleaning a Steamer
Cleaning a Steamer

Remove The Cleaning Tools

The first step is to remove the cleaning tools, hose, and nozzle. It allows you to easily clean any nooks or crannies in those areas without removing them from your machine. Ensure not to forget this task because some of these parts could be difficult for a novice user to replace!

  • First, remove all attachments from the head by pressing down on them with your hands or pulling them off with pliers if they are stuck. Also, you can save on pliers by using coupons.
  • It is essential not to use metal tools as this could result in an electrical fire, so always be sure there is something non-conductive like a towel between them while cleaning. 
  • Next, turn over the handle end of the unit and unscrew each one using either your fingers or some long nose pliers (don’t forget that these need to stay dry, too!). 
  • Once you’ve removed all screws, a metal bar will hold the head to the handle. It is usually just pushed into place and can come out with a good yank on it from either side (it may take some force). 

Detach The Extension Wands 

Next, detach the extension wands and wait until they dry out before using them again. Finally, remove all attachments, including scrubbing brushes, by unscrewing them if needed (some may require gentle prying). 

Avoid touching anything that has been detached with water-soaked hands, as this will result in streaks on glass surfaces that are near impossible to get off completely! It’s best to wash your hands after each part removal so you don’t contaminate everything. 

Clean The Exterior

Finally, fill a bowl with water and dish soap to clean the exterior of your steamer (lots of places for food bits to get trapped here, too!). Now use this soapy water mixture to wipe down all surfaces on both sides. Again, you can check for discounts on cleaners for savings.

Method Remains Same For All Types
Method Remains Same For All Types

Take the steamer head and unscrew it from the handle; turn both pieces over in your hands to get all of that water out onto a towel or into the sink/drainer (depending on how you store your unit). The next step is to take off any attachments, such as scrubbing brushes by unscrewing them if needed. 

  • If there are steam holes clogged with dirt or grease, use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar to clean these areas.
  • For stubborn spots, try using some baking soda mixed with a little bit of water – this should work well for removing grime quickly! 
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning, so no trace remains behind. 
  • Make sure not to touch anything wet while doing these steps because you might not be able to get the water off of your hands.

Put Attachments Back

The final step is to put any attachments back on and then reattach the head onto the handle securely for storage. It will keep everything in one place when you need it next time!


Turn over the now exposed steamer head and remove any remaining attachments by hand or pliers if they are stuck. You’ll notice that this machine area has lots of nooks and crannies for old food bits to get trapped. 

So you’ll use your fingers, toothbrush, scrubbing sponge, dishwashing brush, or another small handheld item like an egg scraper tool to scrub all surfaces until clean. Also, try discounts on scrubbing sponges for savings.


Remember that steamer heads should never contact anything metal because they can cause a short circuit, so always have something non-conductive, such as a towel between them while cleaning. You also want to make sure not to plug in your unit until all parts are arid. Otherwise, this could lead to an electrical fire. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about a guide to clean the steam cleaner. Either you’re dealing with the interior or exterior, it is essential to always read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Also, check for a home décor guide to add the best appeal to your home.