Table Manners and Dining Etiquette | 8 Tips To Follow

Most people are unaware of the right way to eat at a formal dinner. The following tips will help you understand how to behave correctly and enjoy your meal without embarrassing yourself or others.

Table Manners and Dining Etiquette
Table Manners and Dining Etiquette

1. Use Your Napkin

Napkins are a must as they help keep your hands clean and can be used for more than just wiping off the bits of food from your face. It is also never good etiquette not to use a napkin when you eat. If there’s no place on or near the table to put it, make sure that it stays in your lap until after the meal has been cleared away by wait staff. Check for deals on napkins for savings.

2. Mind the Tines

When it comes to eating with forks, make sure that your fork is always held in the right hand when you are using it. The tines of the fork should face down towards your plate throughout any mealtime. It’s also important to note how many times a silverware piece was used during a course at dinner or lunch. If possible, replace dormant utensils with another set before serving begins again on that item.

3. Dining with Your Hands

Using your hands to eat is never appropriate during a formal dinner. However, if you are eating food that has been cooked into bite-size pieces or meat cut up for you, then it’s okay to pick them up and eat them using utensils, on the other hand. 

Always make sure that there are no bones left behind before placing anything inside of your mouth! If this happens accidentally, excuse yourself from the table as soon as possible so that someone can take care of the problem.

4. Don’t be a Slob

Slouching over the table, using your arms to brace yourself on the tabletop, or leaning back in your chair are all bad etiquette moves that can quickly get you into hot water. Always sit up straight at the dinner table and keep both of your feet planted firmly on the floor. 

If you need to rest one foot against something else for balance, make sure it is always kept below knee level so as not to draw attention away from proper dining behavior!

5. Using the Wrong Utensil

Misusing your silverware is one of the biggest faux pas that you can make at a formal dinner. If you are unsure about what utensils to use for which course, always go with the outside most piece first. This includes salad forks and spoons as well! Check for discounts on salad forks for savings.

6. Don’t Get into a Food Fight

Getting food everywhere by flinging it from your utensils or using your hands will not win you any points with the dinner guests. Always try and cut up larger pieces of meat before eating them, even if this means taking time out of the conversation. If possible, avoid biting down directly onto bones as these can be sharp enough to leave lasting damage!

Follow Dining Etiquette
Follow Dining Etiquette

7. Do Not Start Eating Until All The Food Is Served

Do not wait for someone to say that dinner is ready before you begin eating. Make sure your host knows what time you are supposed to arrive, so they can expect when everyone will be seated and dishes brought out in a timely fashion. It means no one should have their napkin on their lap or be used as a sling while waiting for something else! 

Once everything has been set up, it’s okay to take your seat with others who may already be there ahead of you. If multiple people enter together, but some members still haven’t arrived yet, wait patiently by taking small bites of bread or sipping water calmly without gulping it down too fast. 

8. Know the Desserts

Finally, try and follow up on any dinner with a delicious dessert. However, make sure that you only take one bite of your slice of cake or pie! It’s always best to wait for everyone else around you to be served before digging in yourself since there is no telling when another course might start back up again.

Wrapping Up

Having good table manners can help you to avoid embarrassing situations and keep your social life in order. Follow our tips that will improve your table manners and make you a better dinner guest. You can also check for tips to enhance your confidence for further help.