Tips For Best Paint For Baby Crib – A Complete Guide

Have you got a new crib for your bay, but it doesn’t match the nursery’s theme? Or there can be chances of renovating an old crib by painting. In both cases, the idea is best because renovating a crib according to your choice is not difficult.

While painting a crib, you need to be vigilant about certain factors like the composition of paint, its finish, and the overall look it provides to the crib. You can also check our crib choice guide if you’re looking for a new one. Also, you must check for discounts on baby cribs through coupons.

Choosing Best Paint For Baby Crib
Choosing Best Paint For Baby Crib

Can Cribs Be Painted?

Yes, if the material of the crib is appropriate, you can paint it as per your needs. Several DIY projects may inspire you. Also, showing the creativity towards decoration and renovating the baby crib is tempting, and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. The process is pretty simple, and you can also choose the color palette of your choice to make it look relevant to the place you love.

Choosing The Best Paint For The Crib

If you’ve decided to paint the crib, it will be a great idea to look at the below-mentioned series of rules for the safe choice. Remember, you can’t compromise on the health of your baby. So, stay vigilant for making the best choice.

  1. Check for the list of materials present in the paint you’re choosing. It should be lead-free for the health of your baby. Most paint brands already follow this approach. But it will be good to check correctly.
  2. There should be no toxic elements in the paints. You can check it through the label or carry out your research by reading the reviews of previous customers.
  3. The paint you’re choosing must be waterproof. Also, if the paint will be waterproof, the chances of toxic elements and lead will be diminished.
  4. Make sure that the paint you’re choosing must have a low odor. If it has no odor or smell, it will be the best case.
  5. The paint you’re using must have zero volatile organic compounds, or their concentration should be below. They should be less than 50 grams in one liter. Also, it ensures that the paint is not harmful and safe for use at home.
  6. While choosing paint, must check the primer requirement. Try to eliminate this by making a good paint choice. In case you need it, don’t worry as it is not pricey. You can easily save on primer through coupons.
  7. While choosing paint, it is good to check for the presence of antimicrobial agents. It will be good from a health perspective as the chances of molds, and mildews will decrease.

So, these were some factors you need to consider before choosing the best paint for a baby crib. Also, try to check lead-free paint coupons for adequate savings. It will help you to save some bucks and utilize them for other purposes.

Enhanced Look Of Crib
Enhanced Look Of Crib

How To Paint A Crib?

After selecting a safe spray paint for the baby crib, it’s time to paint the crib. Here are some steps to follow in this regard. 

  1. First of all, properly clean the crib and make sure no dirt is left. It is essential for evenly applying the paint.
  2. Then, sanding of the crib is recommended to give it an even look. You can try 180 grit sandpaper in this regard. You can also get deals on sandpapers of different powers. Make sure to use them properly for balancing.
  3. Take a clean cloth and remove any dust if present on the crib. Now, the crib is ready for the painting process.
  4. Dip the roller in paint and apply two coats on the crib. While painting, make sure to wear goggles and masks for effective results.
  5. After drying, apply the primer over the paint for the best look.
  6. You can also use the sandpaper again if the paint is uneven in any region.

Summing Up

That was all about the choice of the best paint for a baby crib. Make sure to check for safety features for the health of your baby. Also, ensure the proper application of paint on the crib to add more beauty to your baby’s room.