Top five Websites to Sell Unwanted Things

Top five Websites to Sell Unwanted Things

The users can save a lot of their time with online options, which don’t depend on the weather and usually garner high prices for the seller.

How To Make Money from Your Unwanted Things:

How To Make Money from Your Unwanted Things

Everybody looks happy when they sell unwanted things that just collect dust. However, several people are worried about the hassle of hosting a garage or yard sale instead of selling online. By going to sell online, you will be able to save a lot of your precious time, which doesn’t depend on the weather. Moreover, the seller can also usually get higher prices.

There are several online websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, craigslist, etc. (you already know), where you can easily sell such stuff. So here we are going to discuss a few other favorite online platforms where you can sell your items.

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1. OfferUp


With this free service, you will be able to sell and purchase the goods, understanding that everything can be negotiated. When you send a message to an interested buyer using the app, the seller will arrange a time for the item inspection. Now, the buyer will pay the price (pre-discussed or negotiated). Your personal contact information will be secure, so you may feel safe when you meet with a stranger.

2. LetGo


You have to take a video or photo of the item you are looking to sell and then post it. The app will then use a LetGo Reveal (AI technology for image recognition) for suggesting the category, title, and price. You can use it free of cost. Moreover, it has a very simple interface, which makes it one of the top 50 applications in the iTunes application store.

Important Note: you will not get payments through the application. You have to receive the payments by cash, check, or in person.

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3. NextDoor


The NextDoor is also another most popular way to sell the goods to the people of your local area. Avoiding the hassle of meeting or shipping someone away from home is especially helpful. Moreover, it is also a great way to know neighbors. You just have to post a photo in the relevant category, chat through private messages with the buyers, and discuss payment methods and where to pick them up. Several sellers like the neighbor’s convenience to pick up something from their houses; however, it is up to you. You may already have a very good relationship with the neighbors, but they will not tell you these things.

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4. Decluttr


If you are looking to sell books, cell phones, games, tech, DVDs, and CDs, then go to this option. You can download this application from the app store and enter the necessary details about the computer or mobile phone that you are going to sell or scan old DVDs, games, and CDs barcodes. Most importantly, you will get paid directly from the Decluttr. They will tell you how much you will be paid for your goods, send a shipping label, and then you will get the payments within one day after receiving your old item. Moreover, they will also remove all your data that you have forgotten to delete from your devices.

You will be paid less than what you can get on eBay. However, it can be a good choice if you want to sell the items quickly and get rid of the old stuff.

5. eBid


If you sell goods more frequently, then it may be possible to use eBay or Amazon Marketplace. However, with these platforms, you have to keep the prices competitive as there are a lot of sellers, and you will need to pay a fee for selling your products. eBid doesn’t charge a fee for listing your items but charges a lower fee for the final sale compared to eBay. In addition, this auction function operates in smaller markets as compared to its larger competitors.Click here to get Flash Routers Coupon Codes 2021 – Best Coupon Codes, Promo.