Ways to Change a Pool Light – Easy Hacks And Tips

Changing a pool light is not an easy undertaking. It can be confusing and frustrating for those who have never done it before, but don’t let that get you down! This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to change your pool light in no time. We’ll go through easy steps to do it so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Changing Pool Lights
Changing Pool Lights

A light fixture is the most critical part of your pool, and if it breaks or gets too old, then you’ll need to change it out. But what kind should you buy? We’ve created a guide below with some easy steps for changing them that anyone can do!

Black bottom pools = White or blue LED bulbs

White bottom pools = Amber or purple LED lights

What You’ll Need

New Light Fixture 

There are many brands available in stores, so choose one that suits your needs! Some have more features like an integrated filter system, built-in timer, etc. Make sure to have high-quality and durable ones that cater to your needs. Also, you can save on light fixtures through coupons.

Breaker Box 

You’ll need to turn off the power at the main switch before disconnecting and turning it back on after connecting your new fixture. A breaker box will be required at this step. You can quickly check for coupons on the breaker box for an affordable choice. 

Steps You Should Follow

The steps included in changing the pool lights include:

Disconnect Old Light Fixture

Disconnect old light fixtures by removing wiring from the existing pool transformer or outlet in the house (if there is one). Connect the new light fixture to the current power supply and turn it on. Then, turn off the power supply at the breaker box. Also, check for deals on pool lights for savings.

Color Of Lights

If your pool has a black bottom, use a white LED bulb. Also, if your pool has a white underside, use amber LEDs because they are more natural-looking underwater. Blue lights will give an electric blue tint that most people find unflattering. Check for Amber LED light coupons for savings. It would be best to decide which color best suits your needs and desires in a pool light.

Test The Lights

Test the lights before you put them back in to make sure they work correctly – if not, then replace bulbs with different color LEDs until you find one that works right for your situation (if applicable). 

Check For Blockages

Make sure to check for blockages while installing the lights. You don’t want anyone accidentally receiving a shock or worse! If there is anything blocking access to where you will be working on the new light fixture, such as debris floating nearby or leaves blowing into it, then make an extra effort. Clear those away now so that no one can come dangerously close once work begins. 

Overall Best Pool Look
Overall Best Pool Look

Make Sure To Put On Gloves

Put on gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges and electrical hazards. These should be made of thick, heavy-duty rubber or neoprene for maximum protection against any icky bacteria lurking in your pool water. You can also use a plastic bag over your hands to seal off as well if you don’t have gloves handy.

Place The Lights Back

The final step is to put the light fixture back into place just like you took it out, plug them both in again at first (to test) then turn off the power supply once they’ve been lit up properly. The bulb has now been changed! You can also buy new bulbs if this part of the task wasn’t done while trying different colors during testing or replacing them with LED lights altogether. 

If there are any frayed wires anywhere from either switch pulling too hard or tugging on cords too much, zip tie all loose ends together for safety before proceeding onward so that nothing will come undone by accident later down the line – especially after further usage.

Wrapping Up

That was all about changing pool lights. Changing the bulb in this fixture can be done quickly with some basic knowledge of how these lights work, what type of bulbs are needed, and where you might find them easily. Also, check for a home décor guide for the best appearance.