Ways To Replace Laptop Keyboard – A Complete Guide

Removal of old laptop keyboard and replacement with a new one might seem simple. But it is a bit tricky, requiring knowledge about laptops. Not everyone can disassemble and adjust the keyboard parts. It’s because of their flimsy nature.

It’s different from cleaning a laptop where a simple brush is required. If you know about handling the laptop, check our guide to replace your old keyboard with a new one. Consult a technician or expert in the other case.

Replacing A Laptop Keyboard

Removing The Old Keyboard 

For replacing a laptop keyboard, first of all, you need to remove the old keyboard properly without causing any damage.

  1. Remove Bottom Screws

In most of the laptops, there are screws in the bottom in holes that need to be opened for disassembling. It is essential because you’ll need to access the old keyboard. Some holes might also contain circles that you need to remove.

  1. Remove Top Part Of Casing

You can now remove the keyboard by lifting it. Some models also require case removal before removing the keyboard. A screwdriver can do the lifting, and you can easily save on a screwdriver through coupons if you don’t have one. Don’t apply force to prevent cracking and use plastic cases for security.

  1. Remove Keyboard Screws

After you’ve done with the case removal, check if any screws are left on the keyboard. Remove if you find them and save them in a plastic wrap or save place. They’ll be needed at the next steps. You can also check for screw coupons if you lost them.

  1. Disconnect The Cable

After lifting the keyboard, disconnect the keyboard from the laptop by removing the cable. It usually connects the motherboard to the laptop. Remove it properly without causing any damage, and you’ll be done with the removal process. Remember that the motherboard and related types of equipment require a lot of care while dealing with them.

Be Sure To Stay Gentle
Be Sure To Stay Gentle

Installing The New One

Once you’ve successfully removed the old keyboard, it’s time to install the new one. The installation process also requires some care. You can also check for saving coupons on the laptop keyboard if you haven’t bought them yet.

  1. Connect The Keyboard Cable

First of all, you need to properly insert the keyboard cable in the connector and attach it to the motherboard. It would help if you were careful as the parts are delicate and won’t be looking for damage. Also, you can check for deals on keyboard cable if you’ve lost yours.

  1. Place In Laptop Case

After connecting the cable with the motherboard, place the laptop keyboard in the case. You can place the top and bottom parts first and then shift to the edges. Also, secure the keyboard by lining it up with the metal tabs. Please insert all the edges and make sure that it’s a good fit.

  1. Add Screws For Security

If your keyboard part had screws before that you removed while detaching, it’s time to use them again. Bring the screws and secure the laptop properly. If your laptop model didn’t have them, leave this step.

  1. Attach Top Casing

If your laptop had a top casing, reattach it with the laptop for proper laptop placement. Please don’t use force to push it inside. It may cause breakage and damage to your laptop. Instead, lightly push and gently add the top casing of the laptop for proper security.

  1. Add Bottom Screws

After properly fixing the keyboard in its place, add the bottom screws to your laptop to secure them in place. Ensure the places from where you had removed the screws and place them back to the original positions. Also, don’t over tight them and carry out the process gently.

Bringing It All Together 

That was all about how to replace a laptop keyboard. The process is pretty easy if you have some experience in disassembling a laptop. Just be sure not to damage anything while detaching. Also, follow the steps for removing the old keyboard and attaching the new one. If you’re not aware of dealing with laptop parts, it’s best to take help from an expert.