How Do I Sell My Stock? | Sapling

While there are several kinds of magazines, radio and television programs geared toward offering you financial and stock market advice, they often skip the basic question of selling stock. Selling stock doesn't have to be confusing or difficult, and if you avoid working with a broker it can be inexpensive.

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Mega List of Birthday Freebies | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Coldstone Creamery- Join the eClub and get a Buy One Creation, Get One Creation Coupon delivered to your inbox on your birthday (also $3 off on ice cream cakes, bam bam!) Dairy Queen-Buy One Get One Free coupon for a free small, medium, or large Blizzard and $3 off on a Blizzard Cake!

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How to Get a Coupon for an Apple Photo Book | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) If a coupon code does not seem to work online, call customer service and explain the issue before continuing to pay full price for a photo book. Consider ordering in bulk. Create a photo book for a holiday present for all family and friends, or utilize them as employee handbooks or cookbook gifts.

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5 Discount Apps That Actually Save You Money | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) As a kid, you were told to pick up pennies and dimes off the ground and with some diligence, they'd become dollars. And that's sort of what discount apps promise you — a little deal here, a few dollars off there, and eventually, you should be in for some good savings.

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How to Save Money at Pottery Barn | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Pottery Barn rarely offers coupons or online coupon codes, but they do offer special incentives for their cardholders. If you're approved for a Pottery Barn credit card you can earn merchandise credit and promotional coupons. First-time credit card users get a 5 percent rebate off of their first purchase, which can add up to big savings.

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How to Get Your HDTV Converter Coupon From the ... - sapling

(0 seconds ago) With the coming government-mandated transition from analog to digital television, there's quite a buzz stirring. For those of us who refuse to buy a new television set to prepare for this change in 2009, the U.S. government has chosen to lend a helping hand by offering an HDTV converter coupon to all who apply for one.

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These Three Shopping Apps Will Save You a Bunch of Money

(0 seconds ago) Free on the app store, Cartwheel offers deals and coupons on select items at Target. There are hundreds of items on the app from 5% to 50% off and it rotates each week. After my husband and I fill our cart with Target essentials (and nonessentials, let's be real), we steer over to a corner of the store and "Cartwheel" every single thing in our ...

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How to Get Free Advair or an Advair Coupon | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) This coupon covers up to $50 of your out-of-pocket cost for the product after you've paid the first $10, and does not prohibit using your insurance to pay what it will for the prescription. Thus, if your co-pay is between $10 and $60, you will pay $10; it the co-pay exceeds $60, you'll also be responsible for that excess.

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Discounts That Are Available to Senior Citizens | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Amtrak provides 15 percent off on all fares for travelers who are 65 or older. Many tax preparation organizations offer reduced rates to older clients. Senior citizens can also find discounts on elder-care services such as home health care, assisted-living facilities and hearing aids.

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Frugal Shopping Myths Debunked | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) The list of frugal grocery shopping tips seems to go on forever. Typical ideas include buying in bulk, cutting coupons and stocking up during the off-season. But are all of these really the best practices when it comes to saving cash and filling the fridge for the family? Don’t be deceived by common myths that may end up costing you at the checkout.

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Tax Write-Offs as Promotional Models | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Promotional models typically have to distribute audition tapes and videos, business cards, portfolios and resumes in order to find work. They can deduct 100 percent of their expenses for postage costs and any type of media used to find or maintain a job, such as mailing supplies, copies, film and photo developing costs on line 8 of IRS Form 1040, Schedule C, according to Eliot H. Lebenhart, CPA.

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How to Get a Discount at Home Depot | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Numerous third-party retail coupon websites offer coupon codes, printable coupons and promotional codes for Home Depot. Deals Plus and Coupon Sharks offer time-specific discounts that can be redeemed online or printed to use in-store. One promo code on Deals Plus as of publication offered 15 percent off custom blinds and shades from Levolor, Bale and Myblinds.

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How to get a free or discounted haircut | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) For example: You use a coupon, saving $3.00 and the cut will now cost $9.99. They also have a punch card that allows buy 5 get 6th free. You use coupons each time you go. After the 5th haircut, you have save $15 and have a free haircut available on your punch card. End result is getting 2 haircuts for free.

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Saving Money at the Grocery Store Online Vs. IRL | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Online: If you do your shopping online, using coupons means using discount codes. Most millennials are used to searching for codes that offer free shipping or a percentage off when buying clothes or electronics or even ordering a pizza. Chrome users can install the Honey plugin to automatically search for coupon codes at checkout.

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Here's What Celebs Can Teach Us About Money | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) "I almost exclusively shop with coupons" she explained in an interview with Conan O'Brien. She cites the Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon as "the best coupon you can get, possibly in the world," pointing out that, "They've got, like, twenty percent off [coupons], and if you go and buy like a duvet or an air conditioner or whatever you could be ...

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How to Redeem Your Cashback Bonus From Your Discover Card ...

(0 seconds ago) The Discover credit card offers customers cash rewards when they use their card to make purchases. Depending on where you use a Discover card, you may earn between a one and 20 percent cashback bonus after you make purchases. Discover makes it easy to access your cashback funds.

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How to Shop for FREE...or as little as 4.00 for a full ...

(0 seconds ago) First off get as many coupons as you can , don't assume you won't need them a lot of times they could end up working out free with coupon. You can find coupons in the Sunday Paper, local paper, magazines, in store (tear pads brochures blinkie or peelies)even at the doctor or dentist office.

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EBT Rules in Michigan | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) When you're approved for food stamp benefits in Michigan, you receive an Electronic Benefit Transfer, or EBT, card. The EBT card officially replaced the large paper coupons once provided to program recipients in June 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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5 Ways to Make Money Magically Appear | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Cut those coupons copy/paste/print money! Image Credit: Treating money you've saved as money earned back can be a slippery slope (50% off of a $500 purchase doesn't mean you somehow "made" $250!) but, if you're going to be buying that thing regardless, it doesn't hurt to do the old school one-two of shopping around and looking for ...

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How to Save $1,000 by 2017 | Sapling

(0 seconds ago) Personal finance blog I Will Teach You to Be Rich spoke to Bill Prindle, deputy director for the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy about saving money on heating bills and they report that you can save 10 percent on your bill for every 3-4 degrees lower you set the thermostat in the winter. If your electric bill averages $100/month in the winter, that means you'll end ...

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