Aidion Reviews -

I ordered a pair of Aidion hearing aids, IDI-0221 ITE Model, on-line from their website on November 4, 2020 for $186.00. I received them on November 14, 2020.

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Inmar Rebate Center Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) By advertizing adds from Inmar rebate coupon with $ 4.00 rebate . On Jul 07-03-2020 I did purchased a 12 pack Heinekein beer from Walgreens store With all original Walgreens reciept and $4.00 rebate coupon I did fillout all info and send to Inmar Rebate center and wait for refund .

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Daily Discounts Plus Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) Daily discounts has been taking money out of my account . I don’t ever remember signing up , I called to cancel the services. & they still took 19.95 out of my account. I called 877-300-2011 to CANCEL again. The agent was very snippy when I told her this was a scam & she began to mouth off ..

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Flylatest Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) I ordered the same thing the person above me did. I ordered two front closure bras they were on sale for half off plus coupon code and weeks later when I received my bras they closed in the back and did not even fit and there was China writing all over the tags but yet I'm the one fighting for my refund.

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Search Engine Startup Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) Just created a website a few days ago, today I was sent a text message from this weird 256 area code phone number asking me to go to & use a promo code 4173 to save $99. The text further stated that I needed to act quickly because something about needing to register my website to a search engine..

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Deltaweaponshop Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) I bought rifle primers from them. They sent me an Apple Pay request as I selected in check-out; I paid the $790.00 to them. They then sent a shipping email the following day, which was a fake.

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OneCallMD Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) I received a call about getting a free $100.00 Walmart gift card for taking a survey. Took the survey,was signed up for a free 10 day trial of OneCallMD. If i didn't like it i could call and cancel within the 10 days.. Problem is never got the gift card just a letter with a promo code on it for internet spending.

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Frame It Easy Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) They took $50.00 off the $106.00 I paid for this custom framing and sent me a brand new framed image. They said they have been in business for 15 years and have a working frame shop in Connecticut. They had me convinced me that my image framed upside down, and printed with an ink spot was a fluke and nothing like this had ever happened before.

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Priority Textbook Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) After 3 emails total, I still haven't received a followup email from anyone there AND, when I called there customer service number, it was some woman with a 518 area code number! When I threatned to cancel and after actually using my order number this time, I received an instant "item has shipped update and order cancellation" at the same time!

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Aurelius Golf Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) We all payed 20$ to play. None of us landed a ball in the hula hoop which would have won you a free driver. We did receive a coupon for a website called nizzard where you could get a free wedge or hybrid for free only need to pay shipping and handling which was 29.99. I ordered a wedge and payed the s&h charge and my wedge came in no issues.

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CRI Genetics Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) First off let's start from the beginning: I thought I'd researched these DNA Testing sites online well enough and came up with 'Living DNA' as the best choice. Why? Because they offered better and more detailed results apparently. But they are located in Denmark and I did not want to wait so long for DNA Results to be available.

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Perfect Saving Store Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) They advertise online for various products under different "store" names under different websites...claiming the products are on sale for 50, 75, even 100% off and you only pay for shipping. I've come across this under 2 different one case they were selling headphones, in another they were selling a collapsible in-sink strainer.

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(0 seconds ago) This may have been result of clicking on any links or popups outside the BeFrugal brower window, searching using an outside site, using a coupon code offer not listed on BeFrugal, having another site's toolbar active, ect". I did not use a coupon code or any kind of coupon, I did not click on any popups and I purchased the item in a timely manner.

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LCR Health Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) The code is LRC20 as you can see. I went to your website and tried to order 3 bottles then apply the coupon code. The code doesn’t work. It says on your card 20% off my next purchase. Looks like that’s an outright lie because your website rejected the code upon trying to make a purchase!

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My Online Drug Dealer Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) An elaberate show of suspence and mystery, adorned with propes and showman of all ages conducted behind the vailes of the world wide web. But just like all the trurly great Magical Proformances, theres always a catch, and in the case of My Online Drug Dealer, the only thing that these guys are capable of doing is making your hard earned money disappear.

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Yukon Cardigan Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) Yukon Cardigan is an online only shop with a web address of They frequently advertise on social media platforms. Their website and advertisements include hundreds of fake reviews, misleading information as to the materials used and country of manufacture.

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Our Campus Market Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) For fastest confirmation, you can visit our website or call to place your order. If you prefer to mail your order, you can leave off the shipping charge." On the brochure it says "Discounted $5 FedEx shipping when ordered by May 5th. Order online at: etc or Call 1800-422-4100.”

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USA Legal Docs Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) Charges take off bank card for service i never signed up for. Took $1.99 from card but said to me it was declined. Now they've taken $19.99 off card on sept. 2, 2019. I want my money back from them!! a scam for sure.

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Zovatti Watches Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) The coupon gets you a free club; you just have to pay about $30 to have it shipped to you. ... Anyway, while attempting to strap it on the buckle came off. I got it back together and the watch actually works - big surprise. And it is still running after two hours although it gained a minte. ... I have a ticket with a Promotional code on it ...

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Pure Health Discounts Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) The lady who answers the phone just hung up on me. They will not refund your money and So be warned Pure Health Discounts is a rip-off and the manager Phil Gardian number 682-220-7871. and he will not talk to you earthier. There ads makes them sound so friendly but they are very immature. I have filed an FBI report on them for fraud.

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Redbox Reviews -

(0 seconds ago) I cannot see very well but they rudely told me they can only give me new promo codes over the phone which I have explained to them numerous times I am visually-impaired and hearing-impaired. I have asked them to cooperate according to the ADA Law for Americans with Disabilities Act Law but they do not want to cooperate so they believe they have ...

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